In these series of articles it is explained, how to use git efficiently when working on your own and as a member of a team.

The article covers useful commands and subtle rules of managing commits, as well as gives a brief overview on the most used merging processes, and how to utilise them when working as a team.

Efficient Git Workflows is a series of 3 articles, and this article is part 1.
Links to the other parts will be added as soon as they are released.


Working in a such fast-paced industry as SoftwareEngineering, quick learning and being…

Let’s explore the basics of writing tests, which access external HTTP resources. Scope of this article are APIs, but the approach can be extended to fetching other types of resources via HTTP.

This article would be useful for people learning the Go programming language from the beginning as well as for people who are coming from different OOP-gravitating ecosystems, and trying to wrap their head around Go-specific concepts.

Software mentioned in this article: Go@1.14 , jarcoal/httpmock@1.0.6 , go-resty/resty@2.3.0 .

Basics of Testing in Go

Go has a bit of a unique approach to writing tests. Instead of writing data providers and using them as input…

Oleg Schelkunov

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